Paradigm Shifts

The glasses we used growing up in this world, we received them unawares. Underlying assumptions, values, and a sense of right and wrong were absorbed mostly via osmosis. Our operative paradigms grew this way over time and some people are content to leave them that way, at least until some crises strike.

Paul in the Bible is a good case-study. He 100%, unquestioningly bought-into his religious upbringing, and he actively carried out all its implications (Phil. 3:4-6).

Thinking adults of all backgrounds need to question, investigate; need to dialogue with those of other backgrounds and upbringings. None of us inherit perfect paradigms.

Paul “suffered” a seismic paradigm shift (Phil. 3:7-11). Meeting such an awesome being, i.e. the LIVING CREATOR, does that!  HE calls for monumental paradigm shifts in how we see life, the universe, fellow humans, time, values, morals, and approach to the future.

Don’t fear such shifts. Embrace them in your walk with the LORD.

Subjects to be covered   

  • Reading the Bible with God at your Side
  • Relational vs Transactional Worldview
  • Beyond Geo-centrism
  • God’s Relational Structures [Traditionally called “Covenants”]
  • He came announcing a K . . . . . .

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