Q & A

Moderator: Reggie, tell us what is the target audience for “Indomitable?”

Reggie: As I studied and as I wrote I was directing everything toward a wide audience.  I sought to make it accurate enough and thorough enough to please Old Testament scholars, while also being engaging enough and clear enough to attract a whole range of people from young people, to non-Christian seekers (I would love for Israelis to read about their prophet), church-goers, pastors, history buffs, and teachers at Bible Schools and Seminaries. 

I am wondering if I got anywhere near hitting my target.

Moderator: Is this the first book you have written and published?

Reggie: My writing started back in the late 80’s or early 90’s when I was asked to address a particular need.  The churches and Christians in Papua New Guinea knew and used the New Testament for some decades.  At the time mentioned, the Old Testament was being printed and soon people would have the complete Bible. This was in the language of Tok Pisin (a story in itself), an intermediary language used through much of the country. Very few people here read fluently and with good comprehension.  The New Testament was monstrous in size for them, with the Old Testament added the Bible became overly daunting.  So I was asked to write a book to help people get an overview of the Old Testament story.

I since wrote other books both in Tok Pisin and in English. They were all for people of the South Pacific nations. “Indomitable” is the first book written for a world-wide audience

Moderator: It may be too early, Reggie, for you to think about this, but do you have plans to write another book for us?

Reggie: Well, well. It looks like a certain moderator didn’t read her prerelease copy of “Indomitable…”

Moderator: Oooops!  Sorry.  Um…

Reggie: Its OK.  You see, in the book I explain that “Indomitable” is part one of a three part series.  I wanted to write just one book, but the project got bigger and more profound each month as I researched. The subject matter screamed at me to split things in three. So that is what I did. The next one is on Jeremiah the Book, and after that is Jeremiah the Message(s).

Moderator: Wow. So you are not tired of Jeremiah and wanting to move on to something else?

Reggie: Nope.  I keep getting more and more into it every hour I study. Jeremiah has invigorated me like nothing before.