About Reggie

Author Bio: “Ushering human beings toward the Living God.”

The above purpose-statement is the focus and compelling force of Reggie Howard’s life.  It drove him to vigorous study of Biblical languages, exegesis, discourse analysis, linguistics, anthropology and communication. He earned a Th.B. from Multnomah University, then felt compelled to leave Seattle USA, cross the Pacific Ocean, and (among other things) bring the Gospel to three small, extremely remote tribes in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. 

Reggie went to serve the people there, but was himself enriched and challenged by the people’s spiritual alertness and focus on relationship building. He equipped himself further with Master’s studies through several institutions, culminating in an MTS in Contemporary Prophetic Writing from Columbia Evangelical Seminary.  

But Reggie never left Papua New Guinea, marrying there, raising four kids, and ministering in the mountains, the jungles, the coasts and the cities.  The Church in Papua New Guinea is alive and growing. Reggie wrote several books for the people and has mentored Papua New Guinea authors to communicate the Living Word across the nation and region.