Free To 1000 People

Help me get this book into the hands of [devices of] 1000 people before 16 July 2021. It is free! Get it as a free download.

Jeremiah was a most amazing man, living in horrible conditions, serving a God who seemed to be weak and failing. Jeremiah had numerous conversations with this God, and got to know Him as the most remarkable BEING that He is. Get to know Him too! You will never be the same.

Simply click on the book cover below.

With eBook selected, where it says “Coupon Code” type the word “Free”. Press “Apply Code” and the price will reduce to $0.00.

You can check out as a Guest with just a name and your email address. A link to the eBook will be emailed to you. The eBook is yours forever and can be put on all your devices.

Like, copy, share this post. Spread the word North, South, East, West. Make it known high and low, deep and wide.

Enjoy reading and let me know how it goes. Fire any questions my way. May you be greatly blessed.

This book can be a life changer. Let’s get it to 1000 people in these next 5 weeks.

Reggie H.

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