Josiah – Chain Breaker, Dedication

This book is dedicated to a special man. Just as Josiah, the main character of the book, was taken so unexpectedly from his people, so also our dear friend and brother, Auwi Muki, was suddenly taken from us.

Auwi made great contributions to this book as a co-author [He is in the middle of this picture]. He was particularly interested in 1. The political turmoil, 2. The “Mount of Corruption,” and 3. The life lessons to be learned from Josiah.

The Lord chose to promote Auwi from earth to heaven before this book was printed.

We especially remember Auwi’s beloved wife, Martha, and his two special children, Stacey and Sefton. May the three of you experience courage, strength, and grace from the Lord each and every day.

This book is available at all CBM bookshops in PNG, and anywhere in the world through eBook sellers.

More posts will follow in the days to come, parts of the book will be quoted.

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