A Book Like No Other

Not a commentary. Not a normal biography. It starts as a “life and times of Prophet Jeremiah” but goes well beyond. The greatest thing we find in the biblical Book of Jeremiah is the record of a 40 year relationship – stormy interactions between God and His chosen Spokesperson!

The conflict comes not because God is ornery or Jeremiah selfish. Conflict comes because the people of Judah are ornery, selfish and a whole lot more. God wants to save them, Jeremiah tries to reach them, but things go from bad to worse.

The Book of Jeremiah catalogues 10 dialogues between God and Prophet. Much of it is stormy, but there is so much to learn. Unfortunately, commentaries and other books in print have missed this treasure trove. It needs to be seen.

Available worldwide through Amazon and other retailers, in both print and eBook formats. 275 pages. You can also click below and buy direct from the publisher.

A Book like no other, about a most underappreciated man and his Commander.

Indomitable Spokesperson for Deity – Prophet Jeremiah.


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