Bless an Author

A gift as good as gold to an author is to gift them feedback. It cost nothing but a little time and effort, but it is received as precious. Writing and publishing a book can be a little like “walking the plank.” The author is on their own, entering unknown territory, and not knowing if sharks are waiting for a quick kill, or nothing is waiting but a huge, unpopulated ocean. Feedback reconnects the author, brings them back to shore. Helps them look around again with new eyes. Gratitude. Below is an example of feedback that is specific and oh so meaningful.

Shalom and blessings Reggie from me in New Zealand … I came to the Lord in Israel after being there as volunteer in the Yom Kippur War in 1973 which led to an ongoing interest and service to God’s chosen people ever since.

Why I wanted to drop you this note is in the belief that you must at times wonder if all the massive efforts you have put in writing your books ever bears fruit. Let me assure you it has and is doing so right now. One of my younger travelling buddies … drew my attention your amazing book “Indomitable Spokesperson for Deity – Prophet Jeremiah.” How timely it was for us both and others I am recommending people in our fellowship to get it. Even after a lifetime of experiencing some very traumatic and at times dangerous events I still need to be reminded as to why the Lord has had to let these things happen

Your Chapter 15 is at the heart of all that Jeremiah and us just have to understand, and the way you have presented this has been a timely reminder and wake up call for us guys down here.

So thank you brother for you example and faithfulness in putting in all this work to help less gifted people like myself who aren’t trained to do the research necessary to get these insights.

May the power of the Lord’s Shalom be your blessing and gift in the coming year.


Note: Even critical feedback can be a blessing if it is specific and stated in a benevilant way. Authors whan their next work to be a step or two above their last.

2 thoughts on “Bless an Author

  1. robbidenman

    This is great!!!! I love your blogs and always get a pared down insight that brings value to my perspective. I haven’t started your book yet but will get to it soon! Thanks for your well thought out and researched sharing!!! Hugs to you, Roberta


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